2022 in review: high schools, tech, positive impact and more

How to sum up 2022 in a short article? A year of extremes?! New tech, boosted fundraising, great schools… we ended on a high and are ready to crack in to a fantastic 2023! Here’s what happened…


On the technology front…

  • Saving hours of administration compared to other systems, including those with Xero integrations, the Kindo – Xero draft invoice that’s created with a single ‘click’ has made big waves. This is a huge win for Kindo schools… no more coding student payments, no exporting, importing or batching. What else could you do with that time?
  • Efficiency and accuracy is paramount when managing International Student contingency funds so we created a Kindo Payables feature to make billing, payment, reporting and tracking easy. No more phone calls, emails and spreadsheets keeping track. Or large payments to host families and expecting them to manage the incidentals!
  • Now it’s simple and quick to request payments against groups from your Kamar or Edge SMS, these are now pulled through to Kindo so you can automate billing, whether it’s classes, year groups, kapa haka or any other group. More efficiency, more time for other things!
  • It now takes seconds, not hours, to pull together Board report data and other reporting by ledger code, view paid/unpaid percentages and more. Keep an eye out for departmental reporting early 2023. Gotta love good tech!


Speaking of Doing Good…

  • KidsCan and Foster Hope got a $27,000 boost from school families gifting through our Checkout Gifting facility… now available for use for school items too. Just ask us!
  • And of course, schools got a $50,000 boost as Kindo pushed donation receipts directly to Supergenerous and TaxGift who funnel the tax rebates back to the school.
  • Our end of year check-in with school families was, once again, a wonderful result! With world-class NPS scores for both Kindo and ezlunch, school families are fully onboard with the simplicity and ease our services offer.


Working with schools…

  • We have welcomed many more NZ schools to Kindo and ezlunch services and have many more starting now for the 2023 year.
  • We have also welcomed the opportunity to work very closely with high schools, to get a few extra features in place. 2023 is looking to be our year of the high school – there’s so much Kindo can offer secondary school student administration that reduces workload!
  • Our webinars have received great feedback, so we plan to schedule more this year, starting with Kindo Payables and Sports coming up in the next few days! Backed up by more online help and video tutorials, and of course our amazing helpdesk team, we are ready to help you shine.
  • Hear things first, ask questions and support each other through the private Kindo Administrators group on Facebook, which has grown membership significantly over 2022. And we are building our new LinkedIn presence to tell more of the business stories.


Big picture…

Early in the year, we were advised of our new status as a financial services provider. This heralded a large piece of work with our advisors to define and put in place Anti-Money Laundering compliance and negotiate various exemptions to ensure families were minimally impacted. Overall, I’m super happy to be in this space as we can provide so much more value to school customers, by collating and aggregating student payments, enabling us to offer a superior efficient solution.

Finally, we found a way to tell our story. From the very beginning in 2010 to 2022, our mission to simplify school life, the UN Sustainable Development Goals we’re seeking to support, the things we do and why we do them… it’s all summarised in the Kindo Story that we’re happy to share with you and your school.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more. And have a successful 2023. We have lots of exciting updates scheduled to help you achieve your awesomeness! Watch this space!


Article by Sandra Finlay – motivated to accelerate goodness, founder, director, mum.