Support Students,
Community & Staff

Quite simply, it works. The system allows us to charge families for activities as the fees are incurred. It offers a more transparent pay-as-you-go option for families.

More funds for learning.

Kindo supports schools to make the most of existing funding and create more funds for learning, through efficiencies in administration, online systems that get funds in more quickly, and effective, low-effort fundraising options.

Equal access for the whole school community.

Families are finding it more difficult to get to the school office at 8.30am and 3pm. Older students do not need to spend their time queuing. Kindo enables online payment, when it suits, where it suits and using the payment method that suits… without causing headaches in the office.

Efficient money handling.

Kindo reduces foot traffic in the office and gives caregivers the flexibility to transact with your school at any time. Payment requests and online school shopping in one. Kindo collates individual payments and reports with a single bank deposit and an excellent audit trail, that removes administration, leaving staff to focus on student welfare, not bank statements.

Greater community awareness of activities and fundraisers.

The user-friendly Kindo icons make it quick and easy for parents to view trips, fundraising events, sports subscriptions and more at a glance. They can pay off school payment requests in part and see what’s outstanding at all times. A dedicated Community Shop offers a reduced set of items, relevant to wider community, for easy ticket sales and other events or item sales.

Donations that multiply.

Integrating with Donation Tax Rebate specialists, Supergenerous, creates a no-admin system for your families to gift and re-gift their donation rebates to the school generating a significant passive income stream.

Reduced reliance on volunteers.

We know it’s hard to get volunteers these days, that’s why more schools are turning to Kindo to run their fundraising initiatives. Online orders & payments takes the hard work out of fundraisers, requiring less onsite time.

I was a little nervous at first, but we’ve already got most of our parents using Kindo. Kindo Payables is easy. You can send out invoice items to an individual class or year and set up groups for particular payments like sports team transport. It has really cut down the fiddly admin side of my work.

Camille Lamond - School Office Administrator

Kindo Payables has been a real win for us. We can easily load specific activities against classes, groups or individuals. And then, at the click of a button, alert parents via email when there’s a new activity to be paid. Payables also provides complete visibility across payments and non-payments. Kindo point of sale feature (POS) is a significant gain for schools, providing the ability to incorporate all forms of payments into one system.

Theresa Meredith - School Executive Officer

Take automation to the next level with Kindo Payables

Easily request payments, view paid and unpaid, report, download and action with Kindo Payables. Designed by schools, for schools, Kindo Payables integrates with all major NZ Student Management Systems to ensure a seamless update of caregiver, student and group data. Automatically apply or remove payment requests, send instant email reminders and view up to date reports, Kindo offers a new approach to student finance that is simple for families, cuts reconciliation and brings in more funds.