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Proudly NZ made for New Zealand schools and parents, Kindo takes
school payments, forms and shopping online – and it couldn’t be easier.

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Kindo School Payment Solution Works for Everyone

Combine the strength of Kindo with your SMS

Combine the strength of Kindo with your SMS

"It's turned out to be exactly what we hoped - a payment solution that works for schools.."

Kindo was the first school e-commerce platform to fully integrate with eTAP, and now works with Linc-ed Hero, Musac Edge, Kamar and Assembly, allowing schools to remove all office handling of parent payments.

No need for manual reconciliation or data entry making school payment processing quick, easy and accurate.

Taking student finance to the next level, parents can view and pay for all school expenses in one place - from donations, trips and camps to school lunches, workbooks, event tickets and uniforms. Kindo makes every school payment online easy.

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Equal Access for the Whole Community

Equal Access for the Whole Community

"Quite simply, it works.  The system allows us to charge families for activities as the fees are incurred. It offers a more transparent pay-as-you-go option for families."

Efficient money handling. Kindo reduces foot traffic in the office and gives parents and caregivers the flexibility to pay for a wide range of items online, 24 hours a day.

Equal access for the whole school community. Families are finding it more difficult to get to the school office at 8.30am and 3pm. Kindo's 24/7 access allows parents to pay when it suits them.

Real-time reporting. Kindo allows schools to easily supply real-time reports to teachers responsible for co-ordinating school sports and activities, allowing teaching staff to focus on their core function without the distraction of admin headaches.

Greater community awareness of activities and fundraisers. The user-friendly Kindo icons make it quick and easy for parents to view trips, fundraising events, sports subscriptions and donations payments at a glance.

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Get school payments in more quickly

Get school payments in more quickly

"We took more than $10,000 through Kindo in the first five months this year, a sum which would represent a huge amount of admin time if it were handled manually."

Get school payments in more quickly Embed links to Kindo in your school e-newsletter and parents can pay school fees online while information on school trips, uniforms and PTA fundraisers is fresh in their minds

Clear financial reporting  Kindo’s simple system puts you in control. You can extract payment information in a way that suits the task in hand.

Designed for schools Kindo software has been developed so it works with school accounting systems.  Full integration with the school management system eTAP makes payment processing effortless

Improve administrative efficiencies Completely eliminate incorrect bank payments, lost coins and human error with Kindo.

Effortless fundraising Kindo makes PTA and external fundraisers simple. With all the admin sorted, funds can go straight to the school without the headaches




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Goodbye complicated paperwork

Goodbye complicated paperwork

"Kindo has cut down our payment processing time by around 60-70%."

Goodbye complicated paperwork.  Kindo captures all payments, donations and subscriptions without the need for manual receipts

Online permission slips gather accurate information.  Get all the details right first time.  No more chasing up missing details or time-consuming payment matching.  

Easy set-up and menu management.  Quickly and easily add, delete, re-order or change menus around.  No technical gurus required here, just simple tools that can be used without IT training.

Event ticketing is a breeze.  Set up seated events so they countdown to sell-out.  Kindo helps you get tickets to the right family with details printed straight off the system

Real time reporting Keep track of camp and trip payments at the click of a mouse by  downloading daily reports in minutes.

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Kindo School Payment Software has it all

Make Schools Cashless

Kindo software enables parents to make all their school payments online. School donation or lunch orders, trips, books, uniforms, exams. Camps, fundraisers, shows. Easy.

SMS Integrated

Kindo integrates with eTAP, Hero, Edge, Kamar & Assembly. Simply raise payment requests against your whole school roll. We'll handle the rest.

Quick, easy payment admin

Online permission slips matched with payments. Data entry minimised. Bank statements shortened. Receipts done. Breathe!

Clear Financial Reporting

Kindo's simple system provides clear financial reporting in a way that puts you instantly in control.

Easy Setup & Menu Management

No technical gurus required here. Just simple tools that can be used without IT training. Update an time, anywhere.

Support when you need it

Kindo SUCCEED support gets you up and running quickly with parents on board. Helpdesk support takes care of you and your families whenever you need it.

Effortless Fundraising

Our Affiliates offer quick, low effort fundraising options ready to go. PTA fundraisers are easy and accessible.

Experience and Security

Join the many schools who have trusted Kindo since 2010. Our servers are securely hosted and our payments provider fully PCI-DSS compliant. We've got it covered, so you can be up and running within hours of registration.

More features

We work with schools to meet their needs. That's why we offer more features... like flexi-packages for stationery and start of year or family discounts that your office can apply where needed. Photos, priced options, online forms, SMS integration. Talk to us.

Who uses Kindo

Michelle McCarty

"If a schools' wider community is interested in being able to pay online, I would definitely recommend they take a look at Kindo."

Michelle McCarty
Principal, Alfriston School

Gae Beckingsale

"It's turned out to be exactly what we hoped - a payment solution that works for schools"

Gae Beckingsale
Finance Manager, Takapuna Grammar School

Sarah Martin

"Quite simply, it works. We started using Kindo in Term one 2013 and halfway through the calendar year we have already exceeded our budget for donation collection"

Sarah Martin
Principal, Stonefields School, Mt Wellington


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