Simplifying School Life

Kindo is the Cashless School Payment System.
Proudly NZ made for New Zealand schools and parents, Kindo takes school payments, forms and shopping online – and it couldn’t be easier.

Kindo online school payments

Make your school payments simple

Kindo simplifies student transactions, taking school payments and attendance dues, registrations, fundraising, school lunch ordering and shopping online. Co-created with our school clients since 2010, Kindo is an easy-to-use system that offers big results.

Kindo School Payment Solution Works for Everything

Student payment requests, instant reporting, easy reminders

“Kindo Payables is easy. You can send out invoice items to an individual class or year and set up groups for particular payments like sports team transport.  It has really cut down the fiddly admin side of my work.”

Kindo integrates with Edge, eTAP, Kamar and Linc-ed Hero to offer a powerful student finance solution that reduces office handling of student payments, provides instant reporting and offers quick & effective reminders.

Using SMS data, schools can simply add payment requests to individuals or groups that will appear for payment in Kindo. Taking student finance to the next level, parents can view and pay for all school expenses in one place – from donations, trips and camps through Kindo Payables, to Kindo Shop items.

One school shop that offers all school items online

“Oh my soul, we LOVE Kindo. It’s honestly a game changer. We just issued 130ish hoodies. Couldn’t have been easier to manage orders, printing and distribution with Kindo. Thank you so much!”


Kindo Online Shop makes school trading efficient and accurate, requiring less onsite hours dealing with paperwork and offering school shop opening hours that suit your community. Even the bank reconciliation is easier, as you receive one deposit and the ledger coding, while Kindo deals with the individuals.


With a variety of print options built in, including labels and spreadsheets, orders are available to view and print in real-time, anywhere you are. Simple, efficient online school shopping.


Trading made simple for uniform shops, lunches, books, fundraising items, tickets.


If it’s healthy lunches you’re after – we even offer EZLUNCH healthy lunch service, connecting you with local providers of fresh food, delivered ready to eat. A nationwide service for students and staff to enjoy.


“This is an excellent system – so easy to use and very fast response times!”

Sports registrations, optional Arts programmes, After School Care

“All our sports payments and permissions are done through the online Kindo system – it makes everything so much more efficient.”

With Kindo, everything is organised and finalised before the event, including payment, forms, permission and even offers of help. No more chasing forms or payments, or dealing with cash.


If places are limited, or choices are available, Kindo handles that too.


An up to date report is available at the press of a button to make bookings, payments, and forms co-ordination for your sports, extra-curricular classes and after school care a whole lot easier.


If you need to sell tickets or offer items online with your registrations, Kindo can do that too, making it one place for your families to transact online. It really is the simplest solution for school registrations.

Give your school the funding boost it needs

“Kindo makes it easy to raise funds through community events — this means we can reinvest those funds back into the classroom, providing more learning assistant hours.”


Kindo offers several ways to raise more funding, beyond efficiencies and increased donation payments. 

Boost your school donation value through our Supergenerous integration that capture tax rebates.

Connect with a Kindo Affiliate to provide an easy fundraising day or campaign.

List your own items or events on Kindo and see sales increase while workload reduces… school fundraising is no longer a massive project, but an easy option to raise more school funds.

“The school is $13,000 better off, with the funds raised without increasing the pressure on the school’s hardworking admin team. Since using Kindo for PTA fundraising, we have less cash handling, better recording of orders and it’s so convenient for staff and parents.”

Kindo School Payment Software has it all...

Make Schools Cashless

Kindo enables parents to make all their school payments online. School donation or lunch orders, trips, uniforms, camps, fundraisers, shows. Create a payment request or add to your online school shop, Kindo handles all student transactions.

SMS Integration Simplifies Billing

Kindo integrates with Edge, eTAP, Hero & Kamar. Simply raise payment requests against groups, classes, year groups or individuals. Special features for split families and International Students.

Quick, Easy Payment Admin

"One-click" email reminders log caregivers in to pay... fast and effective!​ Online permission slips are matched with payments. Data entry minimised and bank statements shortened. Even donation receipts are taken care of for you.

Clear Financial Reporting

Kindo's simple system provides clear financial reporting in a way that puts you instantly in control. No more student deposits lengthening your bank statements. Collate Board report information in seconds. Reduce coding errors with Kindo Rapid Xero integration.

Easy Setup & Menu Management

No technical gurus required here. Just simple tools that can be used without IT training. Kindo Mentors get you up and running quickly, including transferring outstanding balances and credits with full training for shop and payment requests. Update any time, anywhere.

Support When You Need It

Our Customer Service team offers helpdesk support to take care of you and your families whenever you need it. We also offer quick guides, webinars, tutorial videos and an online support portal so you get the answer you need, fast. Need to refund cancelled events - we can help!

Effortless Fundraising

Kindo offers a full range of fundraising options, from integrations with donation rebate partners, to Affiliates low effort fundraising options ready to go. Your school or PTA fundraisers require less volunteers with Kindo handling orders and payments.

Experience and Security

Join the many schools who have trusted Kindo since 2010. Our servers are securely hosted and our payments provider fully PCI-DSS compliant. We've got it covered, so you can be up and running quickly.

More Features

We work with schools to meet their needs. That's why we offer more features... like flexible group billing, split family views, Xero integration, photos, priced options, online forms and SMS integration. Talk to us.

Does your school offer
Kindo already?

Make the most of Kindo to grow funds for your students. Kindo offers several ways to raise funds, for both schools and PTAs. From Donation Rebate collection to Event tickets, take a look at how Kindo can give your school fundraising a boost.

Kindo is great. It has personally saved me hours of work, it’s easy to use and the helpdesk is exceptional. A much bigger percentage of parents are using it than I ever expected and there are no queues in the office – it has really reduced the start of year stress.

Janet Carmichael, Accounts,
Murrays Bay Intermediate

Kindo has streamlined student payment transactions and saved countless hours of administration. It has improved revenue collection and provided a new income stream offering a simple tax gifting option.

Richard Beechey, Business Manager,
Long Bay College, Auckland

The efficiency of money handling and real-time reporting with Kindo is excellent. We pull in more money than we used to, and our parents have the flexibility to pay when and how they prefer, in the amounts that suit them.

Deborah Fenton, Principal,
Island Bay School, Wellington