School Fundraising

Supporting our tamariki to grow and learn is at the very the heart of Kindo. Our school fundraising tools reduce volunteer pressure and increase funding for schools. Kindo makes school fundraising simple.

Kindo simplifies fundraising, providing cashless online school fundraisers that help you raise money effectively, without an army of volunteers. Whilst collecting school donations is best done through Kindo Payables, see how we can boost those donations, run PTA fundraisers, partner for food days and more!

Want to involve your wider community? You can offer a Kindo Community storefront and select anything from your Kindo School Shop to display there too. No setup required… just select ‘school, community, or both’ and it’s done. Easy school fundraisers are here!​

Kindo fundraisers

DIY School Fundraising with Kindo Shop

Kindo's instant online school shop is perfect for school and PTA fundraising. Quickly list your items for sale, set cut-off times if required, limit stock availability, add images and links… whatever you need for your fundraiser, getting it set up on Kindo is quick and easy. We will issue school donation receipts as required. And if you want to add it to a Community Storefront for the wider community to take part, it's simple to do so in seconds. Whether you have a weekly sausage sizzle or an annual Quiz Night, Cheese Roll fundraiser or Family Plaque contributions, Kindo can sell, manage forward orders (eg. order a sausage every Friday for the term), allow customisation (eg. plaque message), provide choices and options (eg. sauce, no sauce), limit tickets for events... whatever you need.

It’s not something I was using every week, but Kindo is so easy and intuitive that this wasn’t a problem. I was able to copy and adapt previously set up fundraisers and could send a preview to someone else to check before publishing an event, which is really useful. If I get slightly stuck, I just call the helpdesk straight away — they've been so great at guiding me through what to do. All the fundraisers are quite different, but I think it makes it much easier for parents that Kindo is the go-to place for tickets and payment. It makes the things we do more efficient and less time-consuming. We are lucky enough to have a very supportive parent community, but we’re also very conscious of not using up too much of their time. It’s better if less parent help is needed to make events a success.

Fundraising with Kindo Affliates

Kindo works with a carefully curated selection of companies to provide a range of ‘hands-off’ easy school fundraising opportunities. Schools advertise to their families using resources provided by Kindo, school families order online through myKindo, and Kindo directs orders and payment to their selected company(s) for delivery to school or home address. Jester’s Pie Days are a sure winner, Cookie days, even Hot Cross Buns. We’ve sold thousands of RAT tests, offer a range a beautiful eco products and various seasonal items. Get your fundraiser online quickly with Kindo Affiliates.

We just did a Jester's pie day fundraiser! I could not be more impressed - they made it so easy. Will definitely do another one through Kindo.

Amplifying School Donations with donation tax rebates

By partnering with TaxGift and Supergenerous, Kindo enables donors to automate the process of claiming donation rebates and re-gifting them to the school as a new donation. Over multiple years, a one-off donation becomes a compound gift to your school. So parents are able to increase school support without paying a cent more. Kindo enables quick registration when a donation is made, handles all the donation receipting, and passes receipts directly to the donors selected partner, making this powerful donation option administration free.

Kindo has streamlined student payment transactions and saved countless hours of administration. It has improved revenue collection and provided a new income stream offering a simple tax gifting option.

ezlunch School Delivery... with optional rebates

From 2010 ezlunch has been delivering fresh, locally sourced, food through our network of cafes and caterers. Often rebates are provided on ezlunch sales, although these will vary by provider and some schools prefer the cheapest possible prices instead. If you need a school lunch service that offers easy online ordering and quality lunch delivery to school, take a closer look at

Your service makes my life so easy. The emailed check list is a great backup to confirm with children that 'think' they are getting lunch, or trying to change what 'mum' ordered. And we love our 2 current suppliers. Efficient service delivery.

KidsCan logo

Checkout gifting

Launched in 2022, myKindo offers families the opportunity to support others while making their own purchases. Several gifting options are available at the checkout and will update regularly in line with season and current needs. From here you may donate to KidsCan and shortly we will be including families at your own school needing help to get to camp and more. If you have a child and family focussed charity you’d like to see supporting through our gifting facility, please feel free to get in touch on

Um WOW!!!!!!! That is absolutely incredible, thank you so much for letting me know, I was not expecting such an amazing result, you guys must be so chuffed! Am honestly stunned by the value of what’s come through so far. (KidsCan Fundraising & Events Manager)

Current fundraising initiatives

At Kindo we are always working on more ideas to create funds for schools. Recently we have launched Checkout Gifting which we have big plans for over the coming months, and have more initiatives in mind. Watch this space!