Kindo integrates with Student Management System ETAP to provide “seamless automated payments”

ETAP student management system integrates with Kindo

8 December 2015 Kindo Leave a comment News, School Donations, Software Features, Student Management System

Kindo is the first school e-commerce platform to fully integrate with Student Management System, eTAP.

This means that schools using the SMS can cut out all office handling of parents payments by signing up to Kindo.  School invoices on eTAP can be paid online through Kindo’s intuitive interface and flow directly into eTAP without the need for manual reconciliation or data entry – making school payment processing quick, easy and accurate.

The integration also gives families the ability to view and pay for all their school expenses in one place with a single login – whether it’s a donation or camp fee on eTAP or lunches, uniforms, fundraising tickets and sports registration (including form questions) on Kindo.

“This takes away the laborious manual recording of payments in our SMS and means that every parent payment via Kindo will be automatically uploaded into eTAP with the correct name, room number and payment details,” said Ellie Bramwell, office admin at Stonefields school. “It’s almost too good to be true.”

Chris Magner, Principal at Ellerslie Primary and Intermediate School sees a clear benefit for the parent community:

“eTAP is the number one choice of school admin systems in  New Zealand.  Now that the SMS is integrated with Kindo, parents can see all their annual school expenses in one place – parents have been asking me for that for years.  eTAP and Kindo have married, how wonderful!”

At Stonefields School, office staff have seen a much faster response to trip, camp, sports and fundraising emails since they started using Kindo three years ago.

“Payments come in more quickly when all parents have to do is click a link in our email and pay online.  We have a lot of families with working parents, so it’s important for us to work in a way that suits them.”

Sandra Finlay, CEO of Kindo’s parent company, The Growth Collective, comments:  “We’re delighted to be able to offer schools a way to reduce their payment processing time down to about an hour a month.  Our integration with eTAP brings together two companies dedicated to helping schools use technology to work more efficiently, creating more time and resources for classroom-based activities.”

To get started, register your interest with Kindo and they will assist you through a simple online registration process.  Kindo has training webinars running from January 18 2016.

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