New Kindo Community Shop!

Increase community engagement with your new Kindo Community Shop

As part of our mission to help students thrive, we are excited to launch stage one of our Community Shop. Community Shop is an eCommerce solution for your wider school community with no website development required from your end.

Community Shop allows those without a Kindo account to shop for items and take part in fundraisers. Your shop will have a unique link you can share with your wider community, opening up the opportunity for more people to support your school. 

Your shop is customised with your school name, logo and the image you have set up on your Kindo homepage. You choose exactly what you want added to your community shop.  Add as much or as little as you like and watch the sales roll in!

What can you sell on your Community Shop?

Examples of items you might choose to sell on your Community Shop are:

  • Ball tickets so that students can purchase these themselves
  • Quiz night tickets so those outside the school can also take part
  • Jubilee and ex student event tickets or supporter gear, sold by the school (no third parties)
  • Items like calendar art and tea towels that grandparents may like to purchase, sold by the school (no third parties)


By opening up sales to the wider community, your school will raise more funding than ever before!


Restrictions on use

There are some restrictions on what you can sell on the Kindo Community Shop.

Due to AMLCFT Act, we have some restrictions. We are working on further exemptions, so this may change. Currently:

  • No donations can be collected (including at the checkout)
  • None of our external affiliate fundraising suppliers can be added to your Community Shop (caregivers can still purchase these via your Kindo School Shop though)
  • You can sell items and tickets that have a rebate back to the school, but you can’t sell items where the full amount is being donated to the school and the purchaser isn’t receiving anything for their money
  • All items must be sold by the school, not directly by any external provider (Kindo pays you), even if they are sourced from a third party
  • No refunds can be processed through the community shop
  • Due to the Gambling Act, no raffle tickets can be sold online

Alcohol may be sold if you hold the appropriate license, and comply with restrictions (e.g. you get a declaration from the customer regarding age). Check out our ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ guidance page to get the most out of your Community Shop.

Ready to get started? Set up is a breeze!

Your schools Community Shop will automatically be created however no one can land on this unless you share the link. When you are setting up items for your Kindo caregiver community, you can tick a box to include this on the Community Shop too. If you don’t tick the box, the items will not show up on the community shop.

The next step is to share your shop link with your wider community through social media, your website, newsletters or wherever else you usually engage with them. Get the most out of your Kindo school shop with the help of this new feature – Community Shop!

Article by Zoe Wood, Marketing & Sales Manager