First schools get ‘flood’ of payments directly into eTAP – February update.

Ellerslie School and Stonefields School are two schools well on the road to becoming truly cashless. Find out how their February has gone so far, with the introduction of ETAP integration with Kindo for fees and donations payments.

Stonefields School has processed 222 payments in the first two weeks of term, without spending any time on receipting, manual processing or reconciliation.  This saves one to two hours of admin every day for finance manager, Lauren Wessels. According to Lauren, payments are coming in more quickly and there’s less parent confusion over what to pay. Kindo displays everything that each student needs in one place – from IXL Maths to fees and donations.

When parents click on the icon for fees and donations everything they have to pay is presented together. A lot of people are paying donations and fees, in full, more quickly as a result.”

Ellerslie School’s finance manager, Dawn Findlay has had a similar experience. “We’ve had 350 fee transactions through Kindo since the beginning of term one.  Every time we send out a reminder with a link directly to Kindo, we get a flood of money in.  Parents love it.”

And if the idea of setting Kindo up and integrating eTAP makes you shudder, relax. Both schools found the process a breeze.

Dawn Findlay ‘couldn’t believe it was actually done.’ “Two weeks after we signed up, the system was up and running.”
Lauren Wessels comments “Kindo’s service is fantastic, other schools can rest assured that the whole integration process is pretty painless especially compared with the massive benefits it delivers.”

If you need a seamless payments system that works for your school, get in touch. We offer a FREE one month trial and super fast start up, so you can have ETAP payables, sports registrations and online permissions slips, ICAS, fundraisers, lunch and more, up and running as soon as you need it. Call Sandra on 09-869 5200 or email