Feeling Grateful… on a mission.

Feeling grateful 

We’re thrilled to share that in 2022, our company raised $225,000 cash to support the wellbeing and education of New Zealand students. We believe that every student deserves access to quality education and a healthy environment, and we’re proud to have contributed towards that vision. 

Through Kindo, we partner with local schools to create efficiencies that can release more time to help students achieve their goals – we are working to measure that, but our schools tell us it really works. One Office Administrator now runs a kids gardening program instead of doing bank reconciliations. Another school no longer needed Teacher Aide office assistance during February, so they could be with the students where the need is so great.  

Kindo is used extensively to enable easy collection of donations and fund raising… it’s part of our DNA!  

Through ezlunch we continue to promote student wellbeing, offering access to healthy meals and supporting local café’s and caterers, not to mention reducing household stress! 

None of the above is measured in dollar terms… yet! 

Meanwhile, something that is instantly measurable is this… our families, suppliers and partners have worked with us to contribute $225,000 cash back to schools and whanau to support initiatives that are necessary for schools to do their best work… through our Supergenerous partnerships, ezlunch rebates, KidsCan checkout gifting. And we think that’s pretty cool! 

Our efforts align with the UN SDGs, but more importantly, they represent our commitment to creating a positive impact on our local community. We’re proud of what we accomplished and are looking forward to continuing to support education and wellbeing initiatives in the future. 

At the end of the day, we believe that investing in the education and wellbeing of our students is an investment in our future. We’re grateful to our customers and partners who have helped us achieve this milestone, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact that these contributions will have on New Zealand students.

efficiency + donations + wellbeing + fund raising 


Article by Sandra Finlay – founder & director.