Encouraging School Donation payments

The collection of school donation payments can be key to the success of balancing a school budget. Here we share three key ways to ensure school payment collection is optimised for your school.

Make paying easy – Online Payments Links in parent communications

If you’re sending home requests, it’s much easier for a family to click a link and pay immediately than to look up bank details, adjust reference fields, find the cheque book or go in to school. Remove the barriers to payment and make it super easy… click, login, pay. A simple link to your Kindo online shop in the email can make all the difference.

Offer incentives – Facilities to apply ongoing discounts

Offering ongoing discounts on uniform, trips etc for those who’ve made a donation has proven a highly effective incentive for some schools. This can be difficult to manage manually, but automated through Kindo it takes care of itself. Of course, it can also be used to assist families in need and support volunteers and staff. Kindo will automatically apply discounts when the family transacts, making this an effective and easy incentive.

Keep donations visible – visual reminder available to pay easily, any time

Using Kindo for lunches, uniforms, trips, sports and more will ensure that families are using the system regularly. Having donations visible on your Kindo online shop and available for payment online, at any time, will ensure that if it’s dropped off their To Do list, it will be remembered again next time they’re online for something else.

Are parent donations important to your school? Find out more. Tel. 09-869 5200 or email enquiry@tgcl.co.nz

If you’ve got ideas to share about what works for your school, please share them with others through commenting on this post and let us know of anything else we can do to help you.