Boost school payments with Kindo SMS integration

Your school can remove all office handling of student payments, as they flow seamlessly in to your school account, with all ways to pay and none of the fuss.

During this year of COVID, having our families linked into the payables for our School and Proprietor Trust was very helpful.
We were able to clearly communicate with families around their payables, and make adjustments as required for individual family situations who were affected by job losses. Because of the visibility that Kindo has provided our wider community, we have hit our budget targets and in fact exceeded our donations budget!”

Collect & manage school payments with confidence

Kindo integrates with Edge, eTAP, Kamar and Linc-ed Hero to offer a powerful student finance solution that reduces office handling of student payments, provides instant reporting and offers quick & effective reminders.

Using SMS data, schools can simply add payment requests to individuals or groups that will appear for payment in myKindo. Taking student finance to the next level, parents can view and pay for all school expenses in one place – from donations, trips and camps through Kindo Payables, to Kindo Shop items.

Proprietors can similarly add fees, such as Attendance Dues, making it easier for families to view and pay, while Kindo manages funds to the correct entity.

Kindo Payables visibility with shop items, and simplicity, leads to greater payment collections. Get even more payments using Kindo Payables email reminders, featuring a direct link for each family that logs them in to pay. Access instant Board reporting data, easily view outstanding accounts, create exemptions, handle split families and international students appropriately.

Kindo Payables has been co-created with NZ schools to create a solution that really works.

Get started today – and enjoy the simplicity Kindo can bring to your school payment administration.

Features that work for schools

Instantly view paid & unpaid

No delays, Kindo will instantly display payments received, and amounts owing with filters, downloads and actions ready to go. Board reporting is simple. Follow up is fast and effective. Reconciliation is not required. You'll be up to date at all times!

Select & send email reminders quickly

If you can see it, you can action it. Easily view outstanding amounts, then click to issue personalised reminders to caregivers. Each reminder has a special one-time link, just for them, so they can log in and pay quickly and easily. Funds flow in faster!

One bulk deposit, GL coded, Xero integration

Kindo offers all ways to pay, then collates into a single deposit to your bank account. No more reconciliation of individual caregiver payments. Each bulk deposit comes with full ledger coding, saving time & money. Xero integration available.

Rules-based application of payment requests

We know that students arrive, leave and move around all the time. That's why we have easy rules-based application and removal of payment requests. Apply to a class, student joins, payment is requested. No work required.

Data migration and full training

Switching student payments to Kindo is easy to achieve with our excellent support and data migration expertise. We offer full comprehensive training sessions and handle migrating outstanding amounts and credit balances for you.

Roll data flows and updates automatically

Kindo integrations with all major NZ Student Management Systems, create a flow of data into Kindo that's continuously kept up to date. Caregivers, students, room numbers, even Kamar groups, flow through seamlessly.

View Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues and other proprietors' fees can be inserted in to the family view alongside school payment requests, and be channelled directly to the Proprietor's Trust, streamlining collection and management of attendance dues and other fees, while keeping school & proprietor payments simple for families.

Handle cash payments

If you have a families who need to continue paying cash, or have assistance from outside agencies, Kindo handles that too. We have established relationships for handling all types of payments. And our powerful tools enable exemptions, reduced payment requests and more.

International Students

International Student Contingency Fund management can be difficult without a system that assists your team to raise invoices, auto-pay them from the funds, and create statements and reports for families. Kindo does it all.

I was a little nervous at first, but we’ve already got most of our parents using Kindo. Kindo Payables is easy. You can send out invoice items to an individual class or year and set up groups for particular payments like sports team transport. It has really cut down the fiddly admin side of my work.

Camille Lamond - School Office Administrator

Kindo Payables has been a real win for us. We can easily load specific activities against classes, groups or individuals. And then, at the click of a button, alert parents via email when there’s a new activity to be paid. Payables also provides complete visibility across payments and non-payments. Kindo point of sale feature (POS) is a significant gain for schools, providing the ability to incorporate all forms of payments into one system.

Theresa Meredith - School Executive Officer

Take automation to the next level with Kindo Payables

Easily request payments, view paid and unpaid, report, download and action with Kindo Payables. Designed by schools, for schools, Kindo Payables integrates with all major NZ Student Management Systems to ensure a seamless update of caregiver, student and group data. Automatically apply or remove payment requests, send instant email reminders and view up to date reports, Kindo offers a new approach to student finance that is simple for families, cuts reconciliation and brings in more funds.