DIY School Fundraising
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We’ve seen many innovative fundraisers at Kindo schools – here’s some
of the best ones!

Kindo has been fantastic for our sausage sizzles - especially during our lock-down where we had to process refunds for three weeks. It made life so much easier... the Kindo team are fantastic to deal with!"
Fundraisers of Colyton School

Kindo fundraisers

Easy to create fundraisers

Kindo offers lots of tools to support your fundraisers… whatever they may be!

Easily create a new listing. Add an image, summary information, set up some choices or options, create a questionnaire, even add restrictions on availability.

All you need to do promote, promote, promote!










It’s not something I was using every week, but Kindo is so easy and intuitive that this wasn’t a problem. I just copy and adapt previously set up fundraisers. If I get slightly stuck, I just call the helpdesk — they've been so great at guiding me through what to do. All the fundraisers are quite different, but it makes it much easier for parents that Kindo is the go-to place for tickets and payments. It makes the things we do more efficient & less time-consuming. We are lucky to have a supportive parent community, but we’re also very conscious of not using up too much of their time. It’s better if less parent help is needed to make events a success. "
J Steele, PTA member, Belmont Primary

Kindo offers lots of opportunities for the PTA to set up ticket sales and fundraisers.
We're excited by the simplicity. No one has cash anymore so it's great to be able to operate in a way that suits our community. The best thing about Kindo is the ease of adding items to sell, whether it's a fundraising event or a product."
PTA Chairperson, Paparoa Street Primary

Does your school offer
Kindo already?

Kindo is available in many schools across New Zealand… for ezlunch, PTA fundraisers, canteens, uniform, collecting sports registrations and school costs. Chances are, there’s a whole lot more your school could use it for. We offer automated donation rebate collection, ezlunch rebates, checkout gifting, DIY fundraising… we even have fundraising partners, set up and ready to go immediately.