Takapuna Grammar School finds payment solution

Takapuna Grammar School finds payment solution

25 June 2014 Kindo Comments Off on Takapuna Grammar School finds payment solution Case Studies, School Donations, Software Features

Office admin time handling cheques and cash ‘drastically reduced’ and queues in the shop became shorter after Takapuna Grammar School introduced Kindo as an online payment option in term one 2014.

The catalyst for the decision was a recurring start-of-year bottle neck in stationery and uniform sales.

“There’s a very small window of time when parents can purchase these items,” explained Finance Manager, Gae Beckingsale. “We want all students to be equipped for learning as soon as possible.”

Feedback from parents was that the existing system was not user-friendly, so the school started to look for a more convenient and secure payment system.

“We’d been approached by a number of companies offering payment solutions but when we dug down into each one, it became apparent that they had little understanding of how schools and their accounting systems actually operate. Kindo was different,” said Gae.

“It was patently clear that Kindo had been thought through by people who were used to dealing with schools,” she continued. “The fact that Kindo wasn’t a pilot but was already being used successfully across the country also really helped.”

Once the system was up and running, shop manager Jo Fitzsimmons created a separate pick up zone for pre-paid goods.

“At the beginning of the term we schedule the classes through the shop to speed up stationery
collection. Having a pre-pay option through Kindo meant that we were able to cut down on the time that students had to spend out of class,” said Jo.

Takapuna Grammar now plans to add school fees and donations to their Kindo payment options and the tuck shop will offer a prepayment service using Kindo later this year. Update: Takapuna Grammar School now offer all options online.

The system also seems to be working well for the parent community. “We’re expecting online payments to continue growing because it’s clear that our parents are happy,” said Gae. “When we first looked at Kindo, we were immediately struck by how well thought out it was. We’re happy to say that it’s turned out to be exactly what we hoped – a payment solution that works for schools.”

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