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Kindo SUCCEED gets you up and running quickly with parents on board. Our Helpdesk support takes care of you and your families whenever you need it.

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Offering Flexible School Payment Software Support

Your Kindo SUCCEED Mentor will work with you from the moment you sign up to Kindo until the day Kindo becomes the default payment method for your families.

Your Mentor will lead you through the programme offering experience gained by working with a wide range of schools, offering:

  • training and advice with detailed, customised action plans
  • weekly catchup meetings with your school representatives
  • customisation of resources, including text for newsletter, announcements, website, Facebook and other media.
  • quality printed posters and cards to put up around the school.

They will get to know your school, coordinate your start with Kindo and provide a point of contact throughout your time getting set up and going.

When your SUCCEED programme is completed, you will have ongoing free access to the Helpdesk and can always book in time with your Mentor for more detailed assistance when you need them.

The Kindo helpdesk is available to support you and your families.

Open 8am - 4pm on school days - just give us a call or drop us an email and we'll get right back to you.

Toll free 0508 4KINDO or 09-869 5200

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have provided answers to several common frequently asked questions regarding the Kindo school payments software.  We hope this helps you but if you are unable to locate the answer to your questions please feel free to contact us for assistance

Can we set up and change all the "items" ourselves?

Yes. Kindo provides the tools for you to adjust the structure of your menu and easily add, delete, edit and hide items on your menu, as you need to. We have a user-friendly interface on our ‘partner’ website, that lets your staff edit items. A simple click on “publish” then makes those changes visible on your website for users. We can help you through how to set up different administrators to have access to different services – so your PTA, sports coordinator, lunchroom and office staff all get their own items to set up and change, but don’t have access to the other areas.

Can we separate roles, eg. have the PTA view their orders, without seeing donation payments to the school office?

Absolutely. In this case, we would set up the PTA as a different 'supplier' from the Office, so they can log in to see their orders, without having any access to others. They can also do their own menu editing and publishing, and we can transfer payments directly to their bank account, without it going through the school bank account first.

How much does it cost?

See the Pricing page for more information.

How do we get paid?

Your earnings, less the fee, will be paid directly into your bank account each week (or daily as required). The Growth Collective will send you a file containing all of the transactions your customers have made on your online shop, along with a prepaid invoice.

How do we pay?

Fees will be deducted from the amount we pay you. Monthly fees will be invoiced monthly for payment within 7 days. These are due in advance for the month. If you start during a month your first invoice will be part month.

Is there a contract or lock in period?

When you register for your shop you can view the standard agreements. There is no lock in period. You have the functionality to activate and deactivate at any time.

What are the IT requirements?

The Kindo shop is hosted on our secure, managed servers, accessed by a simple link from your website pages, emails, etc. Adding these links is the only requirement.

How long does it take to set up?

That is up to you. Registration of schools and suppliers is an online process, starting with an online form that instantly registers your school and sends you login information to begin setup. Publishing services and menu items is a click of button.

Can we trial it?

With no lock in period, you are welcome to use the Kindo online shop for whatever period you require. If you decide not to continue, or to take a break, simply "Deactivate" on your Kindo Administration page and your monthly bill will cease until you activate again. We offer a FREE one month trial. See the Contact page to get started.

How do we see our orders?

During registration you will be provided with login details for your Order Administrator. Go to your website, click the shop link and log in. The Supplier button will be available to the Order Administrator. By clicking on that button, you can access the orders and select the method that best suits you... print orders to label, view onscreen and set status, etc. You will also be provided with a weekly list of orders with your prepaid invoice.

How can I manage user rights and logins?

On the Partner website, your Service Administrator or Menu Editor will have access to an Administration page where additional suppliers, editors and administrators may be added.

How do we link our shop to our website?

During registration, you will be provided with an URL for linking a button on your website to your school shop. You may also get a Registration URL for new families. Simply add a hyperlink underneath "click here" or a "school shop" button on your website, pointing to these URLs.

How do we add different departments or suppliers?

During registration you will be asked to nominate the suppliers you would like to add to your online store and The Growth Collective will invite them to register and link them to your organisation. If you would like to add another supplier, after the registration is completed, your Service Administrator will be able to do that for you on the Administration page of the partner website.

I'm an existing supplier and would like to supply more organisations.

Simply ask the organisations you would like to work with, to register and nominate you as a supplier using the invitation on the partner Administration page. When you receive the invitation email, click the link for existing suppliers, log in, and you will be joined to the new organisation.

How do we keep our shop updated? Add, remove, change items.

During registration of the Organisation and the Supplier, login information will be provided for the Organisation's Service Editor and the Supplier's Menu Editor. The Editors simply login and edit the menu and services on the TGCL Partner website ( using our easy, visual interface. No technical gurus required! Detailed instructions are available on the partner website should you need them.

How do we get started?

Simply register your organisation to get started now. Click on the "Start Free Trial" or "Register my school" button and complete the online form.