Principals Today: “User-friendly finances”

The term 1 2020 issue of Principals Today (125) features Island Bay School and their experience with with our online school payments portal, Kindo. Executive Officer, Theresa Meredith, and Principal Deborah Fenton talk about how processes have changed over the years. Since working with Kindo, payments, permission notices, teacher and board-level reporting has all been simplified. “We pull in more money than we used to, and our parents have the flexibility to pay when and how they prefer, in the amounts that suit them”. From the days of ice-cream containers of cash to the now streamlined online parent payments portal – “Kindo Payables has been a real win for us.”

  • Follow up on permissions and amounts owing in less than 20 seconds
  • No more spreadsheets
  • Teachers can focus on teaching
  • Upturn in school payments

Read the full article here on pg 20 of Principals Today