Small price. Big results.

We don't just offer a payment portal - we offer an online shop, tools, resources, SMS integration, merchant facilities and ongoing development of this software for school fees management. All included in this low pay-as-you-go pricing.

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No merchant accounts. Simple. Affordable.

Your school or club gets access to a fully featured shop, payments manager, tools and support... all  for about the price of a merchant fee... without the hassle.

Kindo has it all

Make Schools Cashless

Kindo software enables parents to make all their school payments online. School donation or lunch orders, trips, books, uniforms, exams. Camps, fundraisers, shows. Easy.

SMS Integrated

Kindo was the first system to fully integrate with eTAP and now works with Kamar, Edge, Linc-ed and Assembly SMS too. You create the payment requests. We'll handle the rest.

Quick, easy payment admin

Online permission slips matched with payments. Data entry minimised. Bank statements shortened. Receipts done. Breathe!

Clear Financial Reporting

Kindo's simple system provides clear financial reporting in a way that puts you instantly in control.

Easy Setup & Menu Management

No technical gurus required here. Just simple tools that can be used without IT training. Update an time, anywhere.

Support when you need it

Kindo SUCCEED support gets you up and running quickly with parents on board. Helpdesk support takes care of you and your families whenever you need it.

Effortless Fundraising

Our Affiliates offer quick, low effort fundraising options ready to go. PTA fundraisers are easy and accessible.

Experience and Security

Join the many schools who have trusted Kindo since 2010. Our servers are securely hosted and our payments provider fully PCI-DSS compliant. We've got it covered, so you can be up and running within hours of registration.

More features

We work with schools to meet their needs. That's why we offer more features... like flexi-packages for stationery and start of year or family discounts that your office can apply where needed. Photos, priced options, online forms, SMS integration. Talk to us.

Keep me updated

We email announcements of new functionality and other news to selected contacts. If you'd like to be added to the list, please send us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a merchant account?

No. The merchant facilities are provided as part of the Kindo service. No online merchant fees or monthly access costs to other payment providers are required.

What happens if we need more training time?

Our mentors will help you get started. If you need more help later on, our helpdesk is available free of charge (up to 15 minutes per call) and our mentors may be booked at any time at a reasonable hourly rate.

Contact Details

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PHONE : 0508 4KINDO | 09-869 5200

Auckland, New Zealand