Full Integration with all major NZ Student Management Systems

Now, with Student Management Systems integration, your school can remove all office handling of parent payments.

Kindo Payables works with Kamar, Linc-ed, Hero, Edge and Assembly Student Management Systems to create payables, report payments, quickly remind overdues (with intelligent family login for instant payment), create and bill groups and more. Even manage Attendance Dues and other proprietors fees.

Student invoices on eTAP can now be paid online through Kindo’s intuitive interface and flow directly into eTAP without the need for manual reconciliation or data entry – making school payment processing quick, easy and accurate.

The integration also gives families the ability to view and pay for all their school expenses in one place with a single login – whether it’s a student-specific donation or camp fee on eTAP or Kindo Payables... or lunches, uniforms, fundraising tickets and sports registration (including form questions) on Kindo shop.

Get started today - and enjoy the simplicity Kindo can bring to your school payment administration.

I was a little nervous at first, but we’ve already got most of our parents using Kindo. Kindo Payables is easy. You can send out invoice items to an individual class or year and set up groups for particular payments like sports team transport.  It has really cut down the fiddly admin side of my work.

Camille Lamond
Camille Lamond School Office Administrator

Kindo Payables has been a real win for us. We can easily load specific activities against classes, groups or individuals. And then, at the click of a button, alert parents via email when there’s a new activity to be paid. Payables also provides complete visibility across payments and non-payments. Kindo point of sale feature (POS) is a significant gain for schools, providing the ability to incorporate all forms of payments into one system.

Theresa Meredith
Theresa Meredith School Executive Officer

Take automation to the next level with Kindo Payables

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