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Back to school packages help online payments

20 January 2015 Kindo Leave a comment News, School Donations, Software Features

Need to encourage families pay for the whole package, but still let them opt out of voluntary bits?

Package up your Year 1, Year 2… Back To School Fees, create your own Stationery Packs and more.

Kindo Packages are a great way to offer easy, customized packages for parents, making it easy for them and encouraging them to pay for all the things you want, without forcing them to pay for the parts they don’t want or need.

How Kindo packages works                 

School Administrators click “Edit Packages” and start creating, selecting from your school and supplier items. Internal items (donations, swimming) and external supplier products (stationery, labels etc) can all be packaged up together – Kindo will send the orders off to the right places.

Parents click on your package (eg. Year 6 Back to School) and Kindo will add the package items into their order pad ready for editing (Donation, Mathletics, Swimming subsidy…).

Administrators can set packages up, invite class teachers to make the selections (through a special link) or a combination of both.

Receive the payments you need and have your parents thank you for making it easy!

For more information or assistance call us on 09-869 5200 or email


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