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Tax Donation Receipts now provided by Kindo

24 April 2018 Sandra Finlay Leave a comment News, School Donation, School Donations, Software Features, Uncategorized

In line with the Kindo aim of making administration easier for parents and schools, Kindo has just released automated Tax Donation Receipts for parent donations.

Parents simply pay their school donation online through Kindo, and Kindo will email a donation receipt directly to the caregiver. The receipt is designed to meet full IRD requirements, removing the need for school administrators to issue donation receipts manually. School finance managers have full control over which items are valid for donation receipts through a simple online Kindo interface.

This is the latest of many features released for Kindo, the #1 leading provider of online payment services for New Zealand schools. Previously Kindo was the first to integrate directly with leading School Management System eTAP, enabling parents to view and pay for eTAP invoices and receipting the payments directly into eTAP. They also offer ezlunch healthy lunch services on their platform, along with fundraising options, support for uniform and canteen online ordering, sports registrations, permission forms and payment, and many features designed in response to their 250 school customers’ needs.

To discuss your school or club requirements, please get in touch.

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Principals Today: “Less stress, more donations with online payments”

5 March 2018 Sandra Finlay Leave a comment Case Studies, News, School Donation, School Donations, Uncategorized

2018-03-05 Principals Today increase school donationsRaumati Beach School tell the story of how Kindo has reduced office staff demands, cut down admin for teachers and created an upturn in donation payments in the latest issue of Principals Today magazine, Term 1 2018.

  • more donations
  • less stress
  • reduced hours

“I knew Kindo had the potential to be good for us – and that’s become a reality.  The system is easy to set up and it works for everyone.”

Continue reading Principals Today: “Less stress, more donations with online payments”

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SchoolNews: “Review your e-commerce system to save time and money”

6 March 2017 Sandra Finlay Leave a comment Case Studies, News, School Donation, School Donations, Software Features, Student Management System, Uncategorized

SchoolNews features e-commerce system KindoE-commerce for efficiency and improved finances is well covered in this Term 1 2017 issue of SchoolNews magazine. Ellerslie School is profiled on page 12 “Revenue up at Ellerslie School with Kindo” featuring how the school cashless payments system, Kindo, has increased donation collection 20% and also improved funds earned through fundraising on the e-commerce platform. Kindo “more than pays for itself”.

The e-commerce feature on page 24 features more information on e-commerce and how schools are using technology to improve their efficiency, reduce forms and paperwork, and improve finances. Articles are shown below… Continue reading SchoolNews: “Review your e-commerce system to save time and money”

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Gazette Focus: “Digital Transformation a win-win” at St Thomas’s School

1 November 2016 Sandra Finlay Leave a comment Case Studies, News, School Donation, Student Management System

Kindo is featured Education Gazette features St Thomas's School digital with Kindoas the online school payments system that has been described as ‘transformative’ for the school administrative team and the school community at Auckland’s St Thomas’s School, in this article published by the Education Gazette Focus, October 2016. Integrated with ETAP student management system and used for PTA fundraising, paperless show tickets as well as instantly updating ETAP with payments, Kindo’s saved the office hours in payment processing and reduced foot traffic in the office, cut down on volunteer time and made it easier for parents. St Thomas’s School note that they’re seeing payments come in more quickly too. View the full article. Continue reading Gazette Focus: “Digital Transformation a win-win” at St Thomas’s School

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Principals Today features Kindo eTap cashless payments

24 June 2016 Sandra Finlay Leave a comment Case Studies, News, Software Features, Student Management System

Principals Today magazine featured the integration of student management system eTap with Kindo. You’ll find it in their 2016 Term 2 issue under the banner ‘Dollars and sense’. This sure makes sense to us!

The Kindo e-commerce system provides parents with a seamless view of their account on eTap, with a quick click to pay… resulting in instant eTap updates.

View their article here. (page 19) or scroll down to read more.

eTap Kindo cashless payments featured Principals Today magazine

Continue reading Principals Today features Kindo eTap cashless payments

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First schools get ‘flood’ of payments directly into eTAP – February update.

24 February 2016 Sandra Finlay Leave a comment Case Studies, News, School Donations, Software Features, Student Management System

Ellerslie School and Stonefields School are two schools well on the road to becoming truly cashless. Find out how their February has gone so far, with the introduction of ETAP integration with Kindo for fees and donations payments.

Stonefields School has processed 222 payments in the first two weeks of term, without spending any time on receipting, manual processing or reconciliation.  This saves one to two hours of admin every day for finance manager, Lauren Wessels. According to Lauren, payments are coming in more quickly and there’s less parent confusion over what to pay. Kindo displays everything that each student needs in one place – from IXL Maths to fees and donations.

When parents click on the icon for fees and donations everything they have to pay is presented together. A lot of people are paying donations and fees, in full, more quickly as a result.”

Ellerslie School’s finance manager, Dawn Findlay has had a similar experience. “We’ve had 350 fee transactions through Kindo since the beginning of term one.  Every time we send out a reminder with a link directly to Kindo, we get a flood of money in.  Parents love it.”

And if the idea of setting Kindo up and integrating eTAP makes you shudder, relax. Both schools found the process a breeze.

Dawn Findlay ‘couldn’t believe it was actually done.’ “Two weeks after we signed up, the system was up and running.”
Lauren Wessels comments “Kindo’s service is fantastic, other schools can rest assured that the whole integration process is pretty painless especially compared with the massive benefits it delivers.”

If you need a seamless payments system that works for your school, get in touch. We offer a FREE one month trial and super fast start up, so you can have ETAP payables, sports registrations and online permissions slips, ICAS, fundraisers, lunch and more, up and running as soon as you need it. Call Sandra on 09-869 5200 or email sandra@tgcl.co.nz.

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School donations easy to pay

Encouraging School Donation payments

4 February 2016 Sandra Finlay Leave a comment News, School Donations, Software Features

The collection of school donation payments can be key to the success of balancing a school budget. Here we share three key ways to ensure school payment collection is optimised for your school. Continue reading Encouraging School Donation payments

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Takapuna Grammar School finds payment solution

Takapuna Grammar School finds payment solution

25 June 2014 Sandra Finlay Leave a comment Case Studies, School Donations, Software Features

Office admin time handling cheques and cash ‘drastically reduced’ and queues in the shop became shorter after Takapuna Grammar School introduced Kindo as an online payment option in term one 2014.

The catalyst for the decision was a recurring start-of-year bottle neck in stationery and uniform sales.

“There’s a very small window of time when parents can purchase these items,” explained Finance Manager, Gae Beckingsale. “We want all students to be equipped for learning as soon as possible.”

Feedback from parents was that the existing system was not user-friendly, so the school started to look for a more convenient and secure payment system.

“We’d been approached by a number of companies offering payment solutions but when we dug down into each one, it became apparent that they had little understanding of how schools and their accounting systems actually operate. Kindo was different,” said Gae.

“It was patently clear that Kindo had been thought through by people who were used to dealing with schools,” she continued. “The fact that Kindo wasn’t a pilot but was already being used successfully across the country also really helped.”

Once the system was up and running, shop manager Jo Fitzsimmons created a separate pick up zone for pre-paid goods.

“At the beginning of the term we schedule the classes through the shop to speed up stationery
collection. Having a pre-pay option through Kindo meant that we were able to cut down on the time that students had to spend out of class,” said Jo.

Takapuna Grammar now plans to add school fees and donations to their Kindo payment options and the tuck shop will offer a prepayment service using Kindo later this year. Update: Takapuna Grammar School now offer all options online.

The system also seems to be working well for the parent community. “We’re expecting online payments to continue growing because it’s clear that our parents are happy,” said Gae. “When we first looked at Kindo, we were immediately struck by how well thought out it was. We’re happy to say that it’s turned out to be exactly what we hoped – a payment solution that works for schools.”

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Stonefields School fees management software

Stonefields School using Kindo payments software

19 November 2013 Sandra Finlay Leave a comment Case Studies, School Donations, Student Management System

At the end of 2012, Stonefields School Principal Sarah Martin was invited to trial Kindo, software designed to allow parents to pay any student fee online, 24 hours a day, in one place.  The school began the trial in Term one 2013 and currently offers parents online payment options for trips, ICAS exam payments, camp, Mathletics, Maths Whizz, swimming, fundraising events and school donations

  • By the end of Term two, 60% of Stonefields families were registered as Kindo users.
  • 95% of budgeted school donations payments had been received by the end of June – 20% of them via Kindo
  • A school fundraising quiz, advertised through the school e-newsletter with a link to Kindo sold out more than a week ahead of the event.  This compares with the previous year when the PTA struggled to fill seats for the same event.
  • Student payments are being made faster and less cash and cheques are being handled in the office
  • The school administration workload is reducing and there is less traffic in the office immediately before and after school.

“The system is easy to administer,” confirmed Principal Sarah Martin.  “It allows us to charge families for activities as the fees are incurred, rather than rolling all the payments into one lump sum due at the beginning of the year.  It’s a more transparent pay-as-you-go option for families.  We received 95% of our budgeted school donations by the end of June this year – almost 20% paid through Kindo.”

With an increasing number of double income families in the school community, part of the system’s appeal is that it fits the lifestyle of working parents and gives them the flexibility to pay online at their convenience.  Parents are finding it increasingly difficult to find time to pop into the office.

Angela Cosford is the mother of two Stonefields students in year zero and year three.  She started to use the school’s e-commerce software as soon as she heard about the new payment option.

“I prefer to pay for as much as I can with my credit card to earn points.  I’ve really enjoy using the system, it’s very logical.”

Kindo software supplies a weekly audit-ready report of payments taken over the previous seven days to back up the single lump sum transferred directly into the school bank account every Friday.  Currently payments then have to be manually entered into the school’s financial system but Stonefields is working with The Growth Collective on a development that will allow the school to automate this process so information can be uploaded directly into their student management system. Update 2016: Student Management System ETAP now integrates with Kindo to provide this automation.

Ease of use: Camp refunds
Recently Stonefields ran a Year 7/8 school camp.  Two children were unable to attend at the last minute due to illness, so the school had to refund payments.  One family had paid through Kindo leaving a clear audit trail – the school was able to repay the money quickly and easily with no need to seek further information.  The other family had paid by cash or cheque.  It took longer for the second family to receive their refund and tied up much more administrative time in the process.

“We’re getting money in much faster since we started using Kindo,” said office administrator, Ellie Kinley.  “The system is easier for our parents – we’ve had no complaints at all.  Kindo has no set up cost, it’s up and running within a day and is so easy to manage. I really can’t see why any school wouldn’t give it a go.”

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