Full Integration with all major NZ Student Management Systems

Now, with Student Management Systems integration, your school can remove all office handling of parent payments.

Kindo Payables works with Kamar, Linc-ed, Hero, Edge and Assembly Student Management Systems to create payables, report payments, quickly remind overdues (with intelligent family login for instant payment), create and bill groups and more. Even manage Attendance Dues and other proprietors fees.

Student invoices on eTAP can now be paid online through Kindo’s intuitive interface and flow directly into eTAP without the need for manual reconciliation or data entry – making school payment processing quick, easy and accurate.

The integration also gives families the ability to view and pay for all their school expenses in one place with a single login – whether it’s a student-specific donation or camp fee on eTAP or Kindo Payables... or lunches, uniforms, fundraising tickets and sports registration (including form questions) on Kindo shop.

To get started, register your interest here and we will assist you through a simple online registration process.

"It's turned out to be exactly what we hoped - a payment solution that works for schools."

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An IT school management solution that pays for itself

Kindo is designed with two things in mind... ease for parents and ease for schools... and we achieve this at a price that's no more than a standard credit card fee, using a system that requires minimal IT effort. Here's why we need to talk more...

Management will thank you...

... for improving the bottom line and stakeholder satisfaction. - onsystem discounting and 24/7 ease for parents help more donation come in faster. - office efficiencies - money saved & time spent on more productive acitivites - online shops create revenue generation opportunities - parents take action faster when emailed a link, reducing debtor days and money spent chasing payments - parent satisfaction improves as they can engage in school activities even if they can't get to the office, in a hassle-free way that suits their lifestyle.

Office staff will thank you...

...for cutting down their workload and interruptions by: •letting Kindo tell your SMS who's paid what... we'll show parents what's owing and post payments directly into your SMS. •taking payments online... no time consuming counter service... with instant, anytime, view of who's paid •permission slips attached to payments (no more matching or chasing required, no data entry, easy online sorting). •cutting the length of bank statements (amounts are summarised so coding happens once, not over and over again, saving time) •with our payment options (credit card, online A2A and internet banking), administrators can now insist on Kindo as the one way to pay, making reconciliations fast, accurate and easy. •finding who has registered or paid for something is easy... just a few clicks and the information is onscreen and downloadable into spreadsheets. •parents can check for themselves whether they've paid, without calling the office.

Parents will thank you...

...for making their lives easy! •No scrabbling for cash, taking time off work to get to the school office. •No having to rely on the schoolbag delivery system •instant, easy payments and registrations, day or night •payment methods that suit them •no paper forms and repeating information •one single centre of truth for all student payables that parents can easily view and action. •parents can check for themselves whether they've paid, without calling the office.

Take automation to the next level with Kindo Payables

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